virtual pilot 3d review

Virtual Pilot 3D Review

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RATING: 4 stars


Virtual Pilot 3D Review

If I could describe Virtual Pilot 3D in on word it would be wow.

virtual pilot 3d offers stunning realism with its graphicsThis game has it all. Absolutely stunning graphics, game play and flexibility are on offer here. The attention to detail with this 3D plane games interface is phenomenal; down to the headlights on the cars as you fly over major roadways.

With Virtual Pilot 3D, everything has been covered here down to the orbit of the stars and real time weather so you can experience exactly what a real pilot is doing at the exact same time. The cockpits come with real life sounds and controls like I haven't seen in any other virtual flight simulator and with the tutorials provided, you can quickly get to grips with them.

Virtual Pilot 3D Has A Huge Choice Of Aircraft

virtual pilot 3d has realistic cockpit views and controlsYou have more aircraft to choose from with Virtual Pilot 3D including commercial aircraft, helicopters and even gliders. There are also over 25,000 different airports you can land in. This flight simulator is massive. You can fly past famous landmarks such as the Eifel Tower or the pyramids in stunning realism and are free to roam where ever you wish. This offers you a real sense of freedom when using this flight simulator.

There is a multi-player network so you can complete with or fly with rival amateur aviation enthusiasts and link together with Virtual Pilot 3D's innovative use of Google maps. This further enhances the playability and longevity of this flight simulator. The online community provides the player with an endless dimension of playability and the feeling of community and the relationships you can develop with other flight simulator enthusiasts are another massive plus point for me. You dont come across the hardcore "gamers" on here but rather people who just want to enjoy the thrill of flying from the comfort of their own homes. Individuals just like you!!

Virtual Pilot 3D - The Negatives

The stunning arial views will take your breath away in this 3d Plane games gameplayVirtual Pilot 3D is expensive when compared to other flight simulators on the market and may be a little advanced for the novice user. With a little time invested you can get to grips with this game and you will see where your extra money has gone. You can really see where you extra money goes on this flight simulator and once you get to grips with the control systems, you will think it is amazing.

This is the favourite of all the 3D airplane games I have seen and I cannot turn it off. Virtual Pilot 3D is simply epic! I cannot see why any one would buy another flight sim with this gem on offer. From the moment i turned on this virtual flight simulator I was hooked.

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