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Pro Flight Simulator Review

COST: $98.99 (US)
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RATING: 4 stars


Pro Flight Simulator Review has stunning and realisic views for the players to enjoyPro Flight Simulator is an excellent option for any virtual pilot. The attention to detail along with the graphics, and the realism this game offers allows any player to become submersed in the thrill of flying. This PC flight simulator provided me with a real enjoyment and satisfaction with its massive playability and stunning visuals.

With Pro Flight Simulator you have a wide variety of aircraft to choose from (around 120 or so). From historical planes such as the Wright brothers to up to date military aircraft. There are over 20,000 airports, runways and mapping based upon data from the US defence agency. This Flight simulation software provides the player with amazing accuracy and realism and a massive catalogue of features to enhance you airplane simulator game experience.

Pro Flight Simulator – Online Play

Pro Flight Simulator Review has realistic aircraft on offer to add to the games durabilityOne of Pro Flight Simulators biggest selling points for me was the online play. With this flight simulator online, you can massively expand playing potential. With your internet connection, you can join a real community here and share your passion for flying with others. This was great for me because I think I had bored my wife for long enough with my hobby. I was able to quickly find players and developed some real friends with this feature. The interactivity Pro Flight Simulator offers breaks you into the online flying community. These extra features make this a best buy flight simulator in my opinion.

Control The Weather

Cockpit view point for the budding virtual pilotThe weather can also be controlled by the player. Every time you play this Pro Flight Simulator it's a different game. That along with the online capabilities of Pro Flight Simulator, the length of time you can play this game increase. Pro Flight Simulator has some real big selling points here for me as well.

Taking the weather feature for example. You choose your airport to fly out from. When you taxi down the runway for your perfect take off, Pro Flight Simulator actually mirrors the weather – in real time. This level of interaction continues to make this one of the best flight simulator games on the market

Pro Flight Simulator – The Military

Another exciting feature I wanted to include in this Pro Flight Simulator Review is the inclusion of military aircraft. I may be a bit biased with this one. The military air craft options also come include with the opportunity to land in an air craft hanger complete with working lifts. This may have added to my personal attachment to Pro Flight Simulator but I believe that without my Air Force background, I would have still loved this feature. Playing as a virtual pilot, who wouldn't want to experience the thrill of a combat pilot?

Pro Flight Simulator 2012

Pro Flight Simulator keeps on giving. To keep you coming back for more you even get updates for free, for life. This means you can enjoy flying past the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China or even you own house

My Pro Flight Simulator Review – The Cons (there is only a few)

This is at the higher end of my choices in terms of price but the discounts offered do sweeten the deal however it is still a bit of an investment and may not be for the first timer who wants to pick up and play

Pro Flight Simulator has lots and lots of options. This could make it a bit complex for the first timer and I would recommend any newbies out there take full advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee these guys offer to give it a go.

If you really want to get submersed into the world of aviation and flight sims, this is a great choice. Its smooth, addictive and looks divine, a real competitor in the flight sim world in my opinion.

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