Flight Simulator Plus Online Review

Flight Simulator Plus Review

COST: $49 (US) for the Basic version
            $97(US) for the Deluxe version.

RATING: 4 stars

Vendor: www.flightsimulatorplus.com

By creating a realistic atmosphere inside the cockpit, and stunningly realistic scenery, Flight Simulator Plus will be the pride of any flight simulator enthusiast. You get a choice of over 150 aircraft (including military aircraft which was great for me) to hone your skills in and with the attention to detail inside the cockpit you will be hard pushed to find the difference between this and real flying.

As well as the planes you get to choose from, Flight Simulator Plus allows you to pick from literally 1000's of airport and runway locations and fly in different weather conditions from rain, glaring sun and high winds. You can even choose to have turbulence (I bet your thinking, why would somebody want turbulence???) to make your Jumbo Jet simulator flying more of a challenge. These nice features makes Flight Simulator Plus a real gem of a flight sim and it keeps me going back time and time again.

The main issue I have with Flight Simulator Plus is that as there are so many features, tweaks and additions, the game can be a little daunting at first but I promise it will be worth it. To give you guys an idea, this game is so jam packed with features, it is used to train professionals!

A nice touch that this pc flight simulator offers is that if, like me you're a bit of a technophobe, and don't have the most up to date machine, Flight Simulator Plus has given the users a 2D version so that slower machines can handle the game. Its online features are also a tremendous addition to this game.

Flight Simulator Plus Offers Online Functionality

You can link up with Google maps so the content stays super fresh and realistic even down to the positioning of the stars during night flights and the weather conditions for the time of year and the location you're flying through. These online flight simulator features simply add to Flight Simulator Plus longevity.

When you buy Flight Simulator Plus, you also buy into free updates for life. This helps keep your content fresh and up to date. I was a little frustrated that there are 2 versions of this game ( the standard and deluxe) when $49 (US) is a lot of money for someone to spend anyway but with either product, you won't be disappointed.

Where To Buy Flight Simulator Plus

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