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Flight Pro Sim Review

COST: $47 (US)

RATING: 4 stars

Vendor: http://flightprosim.com

The best feature for me with this flight sim is that you can pick it up and play. It's a great beginners flight simulator but don't let that fool you, there is enough in this sim to keep the most pro pilot coming back for more.

Flight Pro Sim - This Game Offers Real Value For Money

Flight pro simulator game has stunning Flight simulation softwareIts reasonably modest price doesn't do this simulator justice and it is jam packed with the features you would expect from its rivals.

It is packed with 80 aircraft including Concorde and helicopters. It also has thousands of airports to choose from and has excellent attention to detail so the scenery and control of this flight sim is the same as a number of sims I have tried.

Flight Pro Sim - Maps Created Using Google Add To The Realism

This flight simulator for pc is packed with aircraftFlight Pro Sim uses Google maps to help keep its mapping up to date and has excellent 3D rendering of all the famous land marks you would expect from a more advance flight simulator. This is kept up to date with its online capabilities offering a real opportunity to join the amateur aviation community.

Another nice feature from Flight Pro Sim is that you can slow time and allow random events to occur so, like real life flying your equipment can fail and a whole new world of challenges will arise.


the best flight simulator for the beginner pilotAn issue I have with Flight Pro Sim is that in some aspects it gives to much control. I imagine the selling point of this sim to be its ease of use for beginners. This makes me think it may not be the best flight simulator out there but at the same time allows control of graphics, terrain creation and build your own airport making it a good options for the pro pilots out there. To get the best out of these features I would say experience is required which detracts from its beginners approach a little.

If you're looking for a cheaper flight sim packed with pro features, you can't go wrong with Flight Sim Pro. It is an excellent introduction to flight simulators but with enough going on to keep everyone from any level pilot simulator of experience coming back for more.

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